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            This is Barkerville

            Billy Barker’s legendary gold strike on Williams Creek triggered a multi-billion dollar industrial revolution that literally built a province. Today, the extraordinary historic town of Barkerville stands as a living testament to BC’s golden beginnings. With its unique streetscape of more than 125 heritage buildings, period displays, satellite museums, restaurants and shops there is still so much to explore.

            Our Main Season Opens on June 4th, 2022

            2022 admission tickets are available now!

            ticket prices

            General Admission: $16.00
            Senior (65+): $13.00
            Military/Veteran/First Responder: $13.00?
            Children and Youth (4-12): $8.00?
            Child (3 and under): free


            Our cottages and Kelly Guest House are available for booking for your snowshoeing or cross-country skiing adventure.